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Technobrand K

Technobrand K, LLC
“Technobrand K” LLC

is an engineering industrial company specializing in:

1. design, manufacture and construction of pre-fabricated bridge crossings, primarily for roads of IV-V categories and temporary roads for industrial purposes. Having our own line of metal building structures, we is able to quickly develop design and working documentation for a bridge structure, place orders for the manufacture of all structural parts, ensure delivery of the structure to the construction site and, if necessary, carry out turnkey construction of a bridge crossing according to the Customer's specifications.
2. design, manufacture and supply of wooden and a metal framed. These structures are developed as an alternative to reinforced concrete castings and are used to stabilize unstable soils when delivering heavy loads (on temporary roads in hard-to-reach regions) or when operating heavy or super-heavy technological equipment and machines in the absence solid soil cover. In recent years, Russia has seen a significant increase in orders for these mats from large companies in the oil and gas, construction, mining and other industrial sectors operating in harsh climatic conditions or having heavy and super heavy machinery, which require special measures to strengthen unstable soils. Technobrand K LLC has patents of the Russian Federation and manufactures 3 main types of mats, which are used in the range of 40-700 tons. loads from special equipment.